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About Recombio

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RECOMBIO is an enterprise that investigates, develops and manufactures innovative products, focusing on immunotherapy of chronic diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic viral diseases

RECOMBIO is an international company based in Spain, with research centers in Argentina and Cuba.
RECOMBIO has excellent researchers, a solid scientific background and manufacturing capacity.

For over 10 years now, RECOMBIO has been developing an original research project, teaming up with the Center of Molecular Immunology at Havana, Cuba (CIM) and researchers from Buenos Aires University and Quilmes National University in Argentina; their aim is to discover new strategies for active specific immunotherapy against cancer.

The attractive idea of using vaccines against cancer was based on the possibility of designing a specific therapeutic method that could avoid tumor cell dissemination in the organism without damaging normal tissues and resulting in a marked increase in survival along with an enhanced quality of life. In order to achieve this objective it was necessary to begin by identifying certain molecules playing a key role in boosting tumor growth. This goal was achieved in the early nineties when a group of CIM researchers reported for the first time the presence of mono-sialyl lactose ceramides (MSLC) in human breast tumors. This finding enabled RECOMBIO to develop a proprietary technology that turned this discovery into potent vaccine preparations that showed, primarily, convincing evidence of antitumoral activity in different experimental mouse models.

At present, RECOMBIO continues to develop these research projects with anti-cancer vaccines by manufacturing monoclonal antibodies and vaccine nanovesicles related to mono-sialyl lactose ceramides, thereby carrying out an ambitious program of Clinical Trials in the fields of cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Dozens of researchers and professionals from Cuba, Argentina and Europe are collaborating with RECOMBIO in this effort. Fifteen Phase I and Phase II clinical trials have been performed, involving 466 patients. Results of this scientific work have been published in 27 articles in top quality journals. RECOMBIO products undergoing development are legally protected as five inventions that have generated 119 globally registered patents First steps were taken in the field of therapeutic vaccines, i.e. the administration of products to advanced cancer patients. Both encouraging results and predictions based on preclinical studies indicate we should move on to earlier stages of the disease, where patients could significantly benefit. We are already beginning to make progress along that way. Beyond that, there remains cancer prevention and eradication. We are beginning to look ahead in that direction as well.

In summary, in RECOMBIO we pursue research passionately in order to develop innovative immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS contributing to the improvement of health in patients all over the world.