Cancer vaccines
and HIV/AIDS vaccines

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Research Anti Cancer Vaccines and HIV/ AIDS Vaccines


Mono-sialyl lactose ceramides (MSLC) as targets for anti-cancer vaccines

MSLCs have several biological functions, including modulation of systemic immune response. These molecules have a different expression in malignant cells as compared to the corresponding normal cells and are involved in cancer progression affecting the host’s specific antitumoral response in different ways.


RECOMBIO’s anti-cancer vaccines

RECOMBIO is working on two different vaccines for the treatment of cancer; one is a monoclonal Racotumomab (1E10) anti-idiotype antibody and the other one is based on nominal antigen NGcGM3.


RECOMBIO vaccine for HIV/ AIDS

The product, Monosialoganglioside N-acetyl GM3 (NAcGM3) is combined with Neisserial outer membrane vesicles to form very small proteoliposomes termed NAcGM3 / VSSP. NAcGM3 is non-covalently inserted in these nanometer-range vesicles and thereby rendered immunogenic, as shown in a number of animal species